New promotional Super Scribblenauts wallpaper from 5th Cell

Death, taxes, promotional Scribblenauts wallpaper. Three inevitabilities in life. I don’t know how many times I’ve posted them; probably only 3. It just feels like a lot. But if you want to show your pre-release love (no, not that kind) for upcoming Scribblenauts sequel, then this new one is a must have.

Due this upcoming fall, Super Scribblenauts brings satisfying updates to the original, including over 25,000 new words, the addition of adverbs and an improved control scheme. I was such a fan of the first that I still have one of the promotional wallpapers from the original release up on my desktop. I guess that’s due for an update now too!

Super Scribblenauts debuts on the Nintendo DS October 26, 2010. You can check out some of the screen shots in our gallery, and snap up the new wallpaper, below.

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About the Author: Holly Green

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