New starter Pokemon from Black & White revealed

It was just a few short days ago we brought you the silhouettes of three new starter Pokemon from the upcoming Pokemon Black & White. Now, they’ve been revealed.

Japanese gaming magazine CoroCoro got their hands on the newest pocket monsters. As you can see left to right, Tsutaja is a Grass-type resembling the Geico gecko. Pokabu, a Fire-type is an adorable rabbit/pig combination and Mijumara, a Water-type is a shell holding beaver panda? I think that sums them up pretty well. You can likely expect new Americanized names, though I kind of like Pokabu.

Also below, take a look at the new human player characters for Black & White. They are both said to be older than previous trainers from past titles.

What do you think about the latest additions?

via Escapist

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About the Author: Jason Leavey

Baltimore, MD
  • Kiko2558


  • Anonymous

    uhhh where picture of self

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    go to to see other pokemon in black and white

  • Anonymous
  • 4dpowers

    i have mixed feelings about this:i kind of like the starters and it looks like a interesting game,but SERIOSLY we do NOT need another region! and If nintendo makes another “shadow aura” pokemon like that new evil fox guy, and the spit on lucario,im going to sue! they will never hear the end of me!

    • Guest

      It's ok, the animation for the games is AMAZING!

  • New designer please

    Ithink the pig and snake neeed improvement, but the otter is awesome, although im rooting for the fire type to be awesome, but ya the designers FAILED.

    • Guest

      Stop Hating!

  • Matthew

    guys its a new region what do you expect its a freakin new region GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT UP ABOUT THE BAD going to get the game and i really like the starters but the grass one does look a little like treeko but that dosent mean you have to hate the cool retards should get used to it and look at the new starters again and you will say they arent that bad.its a new game and a new region

    • Guest


  • RikaKurosaki

    damn people,. its just a pokemon game, if you miss the old ones so much go and god damn buy one for heavens sake.

  • Pkmn ftw

    I know the starters arent that great but come on every1 we'll make it through just calm down u try to think of atleast 100 new pokemon for generation 5 and then complain the only change i would make is instead of a pig for a fire starter it was LION

    • MCfade

      dudes we cant really say shit about the first evolution of them because the 2nd and 3rd always come out awsome. look at the starters from emerald aand pearl and ruby. they looked fin stupid but the final evolutions looked so kewl. swampert was the bomb tho

  • Dylandaugherty33

    OK what is your problem people who hate the starters why don't u go to the complaining website im sure they would all love to hear about it but im one of the total geek poke fan i have all the Pokemon games that ever came out i love them all as exactly as i did the other ones yea they may look stupid to u but other people like them so no reason to go complaining about it on a website nobody's gonna do anything if u hate the starters then talk to Nintendo about it not websites anyways i love them all im gonna buy3 of the games so i can use all starters to see what they evolve into when the games comes out so stop complaining its not gonna do anything but make other people mad and have them complaining and people who like the game Ur AWESOME lol XD pokemon are awesome


    I think the new pokimon are cute! At (I think thats how it is spelt) You can see this black and white pic that is rather the last or second evolution of the starter pokimon.

  • silverwolf

    i heard that they are making some monster fox guy, zoroark who has the ability illusion, it is freaking retarted tho, you have 2 trade a shiney legendary dog or something like that you have 2 get the shiney by usin some action replay shit. i wish that u could just get the pokemon u wanted without having 2 buy some expensive cheat software shit

  • Searider

    why they have to go and mix pokemons up just to say that they are new ones

  • Chibaku17

    since so many of you hate the new starters, why don't you just get rid of them once you get a team of pokemon you like

  • KiMu

    man! you guys who say they suck are annoying! if you don't like them then fine… but i'd like to see ya'll come up with new pokemon with ALL the other generations! there's not much more they can do… i myself think they are cute and awsome! i'll defenitly be picking the water type!

    • Lilboiisme

      your soooooo sad xD
      chose the ugliest piece of shit out there XDDDDDD

      • guest

        u know wat gp fuck urself bastard cuz im gettin all da starters motherfucker and plus da water one wil probably be a kickass pokemon in final form so shut da fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Does anyone else think the new pokemon resemble digimon and have you seen the freaking gear thing, i mean wtf i saw some other stuff and they were good but that was just horrific im starting to lose faith in pokanity.

  • MewVampWolf

    The Grass one looked pretty cool, but the most surprising was the fire and water. I personally am a fan of fire, but this time, i'm changing my stats. but people, STOP BEING SUCH FAGGS!! Game Freak took a while to figure out the 493 pokemon we have today, and look at you, saying, “eww gross look at the water one..” and so on.. you know, you should try making up a pokemon that hasnt been made, and no ideas from other ones!!! (it took me 3 hours to realize that it was extremely hard to do so!!) i tried thinking of one with the name Jeckony, and i ended up wasting about all of my 3 subject notebook!!!! so LAY OFF!!!!

    • Lilboiisme


  • MewVampWolf

    The girl looks better than the Sinnoh one. ( I like her hair. Her hat looks cool!) and i like Tsutaja. He/She looks nice!!!!! Pokabu likes adorable, and i think that Mijumara has that sense where you think, OMG! I HAVE TO HAVE THAT CUTE LITTLE THING!!, so if someone agrees with me reply!!! (I would really like your confirmation!!!)

    • bulbabulba

      she has doo doos on the side of her head….

    • guest

      i agree man


    i like the look of the grass one, i like the thought of the last one being a big snake.

  • Conoj7

    i think the lot of you are just plain stupid with some of your comments! it does not bloody well matter
    what the pokemon look like its the types that matter so instead of getting the game because the
    pokemon look good u should get the game because u like pokemon!


      we do like them we were just throwing around a few ideas that we had in mind so dont get pissed off over us having an imagination!

    • Sammysuck


  • wv777

    Hi, What I will say is this I think the fire pig will be awesome but I want to
    know is what they will evolve into it, it will be interesting, but I really wish that nintendo
    would come up with a solution for a pokemon game where you can catch every
    rare pokemon and event as well without mystery gifts and without tickets and so on,
    So if Nintendo is listening make up a pokemon game with the ability to catch every rare,
    and every event pokemon as well trading to get the starters!!! But I know a lot of people
    will agree with me when I said about a pokemon game with no worries of having to go
    overseas to an event or to worry about how to get a pokemon you can't so nintendo listen up
    I know you can do whether or not you'll do it I don't know??


  • dude wheres my car :)

    they look pretty cool i think compared to diamond and pearls ones anyway give their creators some credit

  • Jimmy2shoez

    its not pokemon-ishh naymore it's like animal=ish

  • Robbo

    they all look stupid bring back the old makers

  • Nj

    i always thought fire type were best but that is just sad….. what next a donkey

  • Asiancheese809

    how can some of you guys honestly say “yayyyyy”… yes the look doesnt matter that much compared to they're ablilties but honestly… this was horrible. we're paying money for the game… atleast make it look good you know? how can people still be saying GOOO POKEMAN when they look that bad? if you honestly think this is good… your a retarded 6 year old that have no sense of good look. the new makers are just trying to rip us off now… barely putting any effort… just mutating more and more pokemons and expecting us to continue buying their games?! FUK THAT

  • Dreamblitz X

    the grass 1 looks stuck up ….im gonna name it after my fat ass sister and look on serebii 5th gen pokemon page and scroll down and the sketch ones dracn on paper r the grass and water 2nd forms i reckon

  • Kingkitkat16

    wow there ok…………………. i was hoping for something more……………….. although i love the creativity and at least there not boring and simple, i like detailed pokemon so these are the best so far in my opinion…… although they pokemon need a huge change cos its gunna get boring………………. i guess i will get the pig maybe the snake…………………… it depends on the evolutions…i hope tsutaaja has an fast slim cool evo on 2 feet, pokabu shouldnt be too fat but quite fat, its a risky pokemon, they can ruin it like mamoswine or torterra or make it epic like feraligatr! mijumaru i dont care, its cute but its head is too big, maybe a water fighting combo?

  • Oisin

    I love fire type pokemon but that big one. like Gsus get a life nintendo.

  • guest

    I like the mijimaru the water one and y r alot of people startin to hate on it

  • Kimilou

    I personally think the new pokemon are pretty neat! The first generation of pokemon were pretty close to normal animals, and had names close to them too, there was NO creativity invovled, this actually has creativity and it has appeal! So for those who do not like the new pokemon why dont you all go to the company and tell them that you are whining like little girls because you do not want to just like things and hate for no reason!

    • pikachu

      i have to say…. these pokemon do look like they were taken out of a child's coloring book… what ever happened to pokemon like dragonite and pikachu?

  • Daniel95

    I personally dislike all most starters, but once i find other pokemon i forget about the starters and use these, so this generation should not be so bad (cos of gay starters)!

  • xoCosplay

    Tsutaja (the grass snake) is pretty cool (: , though I think it's evolution is a bit similar and I can't wait to see how it's final evolution moves around and stuff in the anime.

    Pokabu (the fire pig) is cute. That's it though. o__o. Personally, the evolutions look fugly. Literally, some cute pig evolves into some fire fat thing. That's kinda disappointing ._.

    Mijumaru (the sea otter) isn't bad. I like how it uses the shell it's holding to block attacks (: The evolved form looks pretty interesting, but the final evolution…wtf is that >_> . Another disappointment :/.

  • Depietrij

    look it might have been cool when i was like 9 but oul silver was the end of the line, not its just getting really faggy

  • Billy Crumpets

    Reading these make me laugh so hard. They can't just repeat the same starters over and over. I for one love these new starters, especially the pig (although I don't like the fact that it's another fire/fight) and lets be honest, all you haters are going to buy the game anyway…

  • Coolbeans

    actually, i have the game and the pokemon in it aren't that bad. yeah they are just kind of throwing random ideas together, but most of them are just modified newer versions of the old pokemon, like the pokemon made of metal gears, he came from magnemite and magneton, the eletric horse from manetric, the alligator hippopotas and trapinch, and so on, and that's how it's always going to be. think of it, it's like movie makers, they're running out of ideas too so they are ripping off of other things modifying thing and putting them out, but we still watch them even if its not as good.

  • Adriana

    sincerly i like them but they are not the best. oh and ppl respect each other oppinons ok if someone likes it or not, so what? it doesnt affect you at all

  • the random guy bob

    Wow. Ok, I'm not gonna lie, I'm gonna say what I think. The grass starter is awesome. I'm definitely gonna get it. The fire-pig is ok, but it's evolutions are quite stuffed up. The otter is kinda stupid, but I love the final evolution. These are my thoughts. I'm reveiwing it. To those people who say ” STOP HATING! NO BODY CARES ABOUT IT! IT'S JUST ANNOYING!” that's not true. The game makers need opinions to improve. If it's all just ” this is awsome!” and stuff, they'll keep making it bad, people wont like it anymore, stop playing and the makers will lose money. While this is true, there are people out there who are just being plain nasty. Stop forcing it down peoples throats! You don't need everyone to have the same opinion as you. Reveiw it, don't just be mean and bag it! While this might have an impact on some people, there will still be some who will just keep being haters or saying not to speak up and say it's not to good. But, I hope most of you think about what I've said.

  • randomchick98

    I play a lot of pokemon, yeah, some of the new pokemon are weird and not cool, there are still some very cute and interesting ones also. I do like the starters, they each show a lot of potential in each of the eveloutions, i will have a hard time choosing when it comes to the US.

  • manny

    what starter should i get

    • the random guy bob

      The one that you like. Or wait till it comes out and check the gym types to see which one has the most advantage. I am getting the grass one, but that's my opinion. Good luck beating the game ^-^!


    The english names r crap

  • Daisy-ray

    Does it matter what they look like? The real problem will be picking which one has the best moves. I mean that panda thing could be the best freakin pokemon in the bunch no one would know until they play the game. Yeah Nintendo did get a bit lazy over the years but who wouldn’t? They started with 150 then went past 500. You try drawing that many different animals your creativeness is gonna fade a bit. To me the names would be harder to come up with than the designs.
    -Desiree Douglas

  • Saiyza

    Liquid-Oshawott rules you all BRRROTHERRRS!

  • Robert

    I think they all are cool shit ass’s

  • Taylorzohar

    People say that Oshowatt is the least popular.
    Although Snivy’s my favorite I know more people that have Oshowatt than Snivy.
    I’m not really sure about Tepig though. When Tepig’s evolved it sounds like he’s farting! : D

  • Darkcharzard

    why is every body cussing? 

  • Sumdincoool

    all of u’z is some bitches