TrackMania racing to Wii with track editor

TrackMania is coming to Wii, and it’s bringing a robust level editor with it. The game’s track editor will allow users to create fully customizable levels, adding to the game’s already 200 courses.

The track editor features over 1,000 construction elements to choose from, including half-pipes, ramps and more ramps. Looking at the footage in action, the game is very reminiscent to those PC roller coaster creators I was obsessed with in the 90s.

Between six different environments, players can race with up to 4 racers split screen offline, or online using Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Connection. The game supports the Wii Wheel, Classic Controller and Wii Remote/Nunchuk control setups.

TrackMania Wii races to Wii this May. Take a look at the track editor in action above.


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About the Author: Jason Leavey

Baltimore, MD

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