Link’s Kokiri hat for sale, tunic not included

With a new Legend of Zelda title released just about every year, it’s doubtful Link’s trademark hat will never go out of style.

Now you can purchase one for your own collection, or your cosplay needs.

Etsy, the webstore for all things user created, has the heroic hat for sale. Available in your choice of seven different shades of green (from Sage to Olive) depending on your favorite era of Link-dom, as well as Link’s signature blue and red, as well as black.

Measuring with a 23.5″ diameter, the legendary hat was created to fit most adults.

I’m not sure why the mannequin is wearing lipstick, but I guess that may be a hint about Link’s next adventure.

Grab yours now for just $25.


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About the Author: Jason Leavey

Baltimore, MD

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