Video of final Sonic 4: Episode I showdown leaked

If you’re like me, you have no self control when it comes to spoilers. I’m pretty sure I knew most of the script to Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith before going to the midnight showing.

In this case, it seems that the final boss fight of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 has been leaked in its entirety in a video online. In fact, the video is so complete that you even catch the short epilogue, the entire staff credits, as well as a little teaser for Episode 2. If you’re tempted, hit the link below!

via GoNintendo

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About the Author: Christian Ponte

  • cenaris

    I'm quite disappointed that the final boss is not only a collection of bosses we've beaten from sonic games with nothing new, but also that they seem to have all become 100% easier than their genesis counterparts. It's basically Sonic the hedgehog: HD Remix


  • sonicfan123

    I'm exited. It's much more challenging.

  • Buckfugly

    So what they essentially did was take the least interesting parts of Sonic and Sonic 2, and did them in 3D? They even copied the anticlimactic end sequence from Sonic and the crappy soundtrack. The character design sucks too: Sonic looks like a friggin plush doll and Eggman looks like a plastic toy. From what I can see, the gameplay is way too easy. The Genesis versions were much more difficult. Sonic looked much more 'rugged' in S&K (at least his spines looked sharp) and the bosses, music were awesome. I loved the music from the end of Sonic 3 to the end of S&K. What the hell is the crap that's playing in the video?

    Fuck you, SONICTEAM. We've clearly outgrown you.

  • Bryanfrogboy

    If I wanted to fight those bosses I would play the games they originated in, a rehashed Sonic game doesn't deserve the title of Sonic 4, any game with “Sonic the hedgehog” in the beginning of the title is expected to use the same formula as the previous ones, such as mostly new bosses, rehashing old bosses isn't a new thing, Sonic 3 mimicked maybe 2 or 3 bosses from the previous games, a whole game based on reusing things is just cheap

  • dtjoe

    Looks good to me can't wait love them making some of my favorite bosses again.

  • thegamegamer226

    gee i wonder why sega decided to fix it up a little bit more. you know this is why i don't watch spoilers it makes the game less exiting and people expect way more than they should. maybe the bosses will have new weapons and they're difficulty will change. and for the um-teenth time this was the beta version of the game of course it's going to look unpolished. and the music it probably wasn't finished yet. don't judge the game until you play it. it just shows how immature your being. i'll bet even if they made a awsome sonic game that had everything you guys wanted you'd still find some tiny flaw.

  • jazdabham

    u cant expect it to have all the best bosses yet cuz its only episode 1!