European Club Nintendo offering DSi mood light

Why don’t we get anything this good? Club Nintendo in other regions offer soundtracks or cool items like this DSi mood light you see, while here in America, we’re stuck with posters and other cheapies. I’m sorry – I don’t want to buy a DS collection of mini-games with coins earned through $800 worth of game purchases.

I could go for a mood light, that would look stylish. I could also for an American version of the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack that’s available everywhere but here. They even have shoulder bags and umbrellas. Useful products.

For those who can actually buy the DSi mood light, it’s 3000 stars. For those who would like to buy one for me, I’d appreciate it.

Stars Catalog
via GoNintendo

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About the Author: Christian Ponte

  • Adam

    an animal crossing cd? that looks so cool

  • Reddy

    i wanted the smg cd but i didnt have enough!