High Voltage talks Conduit 2 multiplayer

SEGA’s blog had a quick interview with Josh Olson of High Voltage Software, the developer behind Conduit 2 (apparently they dropped the “the”). The producer talked about the upcoming improvements of the game’s online multiplayer, and what you can expect to see.

[Josh Olson] We have bi-weekly company multiplayer sessions – moving forward with the foundation we laid with TC1 was great in that multiplayer worked from Day 1 of development – which has allowed us to iterate and test a lot of new things…as well as shooting our company management in the face. New weapons, maps, and game modes are no-brainers – but we’ve additionally spent a lot of extra attention on making the experience more rewarding and nuanced for players. A class system is in place where you can set distinct weapon load-outs to include suit upgrades (perks). Weapon sets are a thing of the past.

We’ve added a sprint button. Teammates can be revived. In addition to the level rank and ELO matchmaking systems, we have an additional currency system that lets you purchase upgrades, be they weapon and suit upgrades, or different armor pieces to customize your character’s look. On the art front, we’ve more fully embraced the sci-fi, and have a lot more variety in our environments. TC1 multiplayer was a lot fun – but a bit basic. We’re changing that with Conduit 2.[David Pellas] While we are very proud of the online multiplayer action in Conduit 1, we are working very hard to provide a complete multiplayer gaming experience in Conduit 2 by offering more unique gameplay modes, unlockables, perks, character customization, and we are not limiting ourselves to online only any longer. Gamers will be able to compete online and offline via splitscreen and we are very excited about that.

All sounds pretty exciting to me. The multiplayer mode before was great, but did have its limitations and bugs. I feel good about the sequel so far.


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