April Fools Day: Virtual Handheld for DSiWare

Still agonizing over the fact that you can’t download your old Game Boy, Game Boy Color, or even Game Boy Advance games to play on your DS? Don’t worry – Nintendo Life has some salt for that wound!

According to their story, Nintendo is bringing a “Virtual Handheld” service to DSiWare, in which games such as Link’s Awakening, Pokemon Red and Blue, and would be among the first available. Similar to the third party consoles offered on the Wii Virtual Console, Sega Game Gear games and Atari Lynx games would also be joining the shop channel.

Nintendo Life even brings up the possibility of not a Hanabi Festival, but a Hanabi-style festival to bring “import” games to the service, much like Sin & Punishment and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels were brought to the Wii VC. I’m so wishing this wasn’t an April Fools joke… I want to play some Fire Emblem 6

Nintendo Life

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About the Author: Christian Ponte

  • I think ours, that was posted before their's, was better. We had a fake press release and everything! http://tad.ly/bc

  • WolfSpider

    I don't think it's true.
    Today is april fools!