April Fools Day: ECCO Water Wars 2

SEGA has announced a new fake title set to take revolutionize gaming forever. ECCO: Water Wars 2 is a North American exclusive video game, that returns ECCO the dolphin to consoles. ECCO is now a time traveling killer, on a mission to destroy everyone that’s wronged him in the past.

The title is the first F.P.S., (First Porpoise Shooter) ever created.¬† ECCO will use guns, grenades and anything else at his disposal to kill. He’ll even take down Russian submarines, all because they are looking for a lost copy of SEGA Bass Fishing in his seas.

Pretty creative April Fool’s joke, right? Although, I do kind of miss ECCO the dolphin now.


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About the Author: Jason Leavey

Baltimore, MD
  • http://www.wetgoddess.net/ Malcolm J. Brenner

    Ecco misses you too, but he's reloading.