K’Nex helps Pokewalker gamers avoid walking in public

Some people are really lazy – so lazy that they’re currently trying to find ways to get out of walking. The new Pokewalker pedometer that comes with Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver is so ridiculously simple that you can carry it around with you as you walk around your school campus, around work, jogging around the block or at the gym, or heck even while jogging in Wii Fit (2 games at once? madness!).

Yet, I’ve heard of people trying to attach their Pokewalkers onto things like fan blades, power drill bits, and even hubcaps – a lot of people recently finished or started their spring breaks recently… I wonder how many tire rotations you can get from Chicago to/from Urbana-Champaign? Anyway, here’s the first I’ve heard of people so lazy to walk that they’ll actually take the time to build a contraption to get out of it.

How about you? Are you walking with your Pokewalker, or are you finding new ways to cheat the system?


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About the Author: Christian Ponte

  • morganperry

    I am walking with it every day even just walking around my house sitting plaing games all day i usually get around 50 watts and you can shake it to gain watts its just hard to do but i found out how not telling anoy body if no one els found out yet. trying to keep enegetic people energetic not lazy:D

  • I love that they made the Pokewalker and am even considering buying the game because of the added physical challenge…but then, I’m actively trying to increase my overall exercise. I can’t imagine the frustration if you simply don’t have the time or interest…and I doubt Pokewalker is much of an incentive to simply be more active. And I feel bad for Pokemon players in wheel chairs…guess they’ll have to buy K’Nex.

  • kmkm15

    I play my Wii Fit everyday with my walker attached to my pants. Plus I wear it walking on campus so I get about 500 watts a day.