Official Mega Man 10 release dates announced

Tons of new Mega Man 10 stuff today. First off, new screen caps and character art. Peruse our updated gallery for screen shots of the Challenge Mode, an updated version of the Mega Man 9 addition that allows you to hone your Mega skills before starting the game. You’ll also find artwork depicting Mega Man and all of his special attacks (Commando Bomb, Wheel Cutter, Triple Blade, Thunder Wool, Solar Blaze, Chill Spike, Rebound Striker, and Water Shield) and various gameplay screen shots, some from the new Easy Mode.

The official release dates have also been announced, and it looks like another staggered release it is! March 1 will mark the Wii debut, with XBOX 360 and PS3 to follow on March 11 and March 31, respectively.

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About the Author: Holly Green

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