EA relaunching NBA Jam franchise


In news that can only be described as bodacious, EA has apparently obtained the rights to the 90s arcade classic NBA Jam.  Additionally, the company is set on bringing a new NBA Jam title to Wii, as a Wii exclusive.  The formerly Midway owned title was known for being an outrageous 2-on-2 basketball game that featured all the NBA greats. Well, except for a limited appearance by Michael Jordan after he withdrew his participation due to licensing issues.

No word yet if the NBA roster will only consist of current team players, or if all-stars such as Charles Barkley and Larry Bird will make return cameos.  I’m no sports expert, but I have to say this sounds like a genious move.  Wii’s known for being a more “fun” console, and since their sports efforts, aside from Tiger Woods PGA Tour, don’t do as well as next gen offerings, the “fun” approach is definitely where it’s at.

And incase you are keeping track, this likely could be the mystery “new” title that EA was teasing last month. “Boom-shak-a-laka!”


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About the Author: Jason Leavey

Baltimore, MD