Mega Man 10 announced for WiiWare release


Capcom has announced through the latest issue of Nintendo Power, that the Blue Bomber will return for a new sidescrolling 2D adventure.  Mega Man 10 will also bring back Proto Man, Mega Man’s brother, as a playable character available from the start of the game.  As if that wasn’t enough, a third playable character will be available, though currently their identity has yet to be revealed.

The story (as if you really need one) revolves are Robotenza, a disease that makes robots overheat and go out of control.  Mega Man must save the day by finding the cure for the disease.  The game will also feature an easy mode, something that is bound to put a smile on a bunch of Mega Man fan’s faces.

We’ll have more information as it becomes available. You can read all about Mega Man 10 in the January issue of Nintendo Power, on sale December 22nd.


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