The Tanooki’s Daily Recap – October 28, 2009


Hey there folks! Its Holly Green, one of the new staff members here at the Tanooki. I’ve only been here a short while so its time I introduced myself. I’ve been blogging about video games for about a year now and currently write for Bits Bytes Pixels and Sprites, and Sprite Stitch, in addition to my personal blog and Tanooki. I would primarily categorize myself as a Nintendo and PC gamer, but I enjoy my XBOX 360 and PS3 as well. In fact, before Fallout 3 came into my life, you’d have to pry my copy of Mercenaries 2 for PS3 out of my cold dead gaming thumbs!

When I’m not blogging or playing video games, I like to mess around with pixel art. You can see some of my creations in the gallery below, including some of the items I’ve made with Perler beads, like the Megaman 9 Boss Select screen adorning my apartment walls.

At any rate, I’m glad to be here and hope to entertain you in the upcoming months.

General News
iWater Flow brings back awful childhood memories
Frogger Returns, and ribbits on WiiWare/ PSN
Left 4 Dead 2 to include avatar awards?
Reminder: Left 4 Dead 2 demo available now on PC and XBOX 360
DJ Hero DLC arrives for XBOX 360 and PS3, Wii users have to wait

Nintendo News & Media
Nyko’s Zoom Case for DSi launches, looks as beastly as ever
Morgan Webb thinks Mario Galaxy is for kids

Arts & Culture
Its a mad mad mad mad Mario world

Sega Zippos light a fire in me
Bubble Bobble theme used in noodle commercial

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