Video Game Designers on Yahoo!’s top jobs list


Yahoo! has assembled a list of the top jobs that, although somewhat new, they’re top earning professions.  On that list is the Video Game Designer, more specifically for smaller companies. The booming $9 billion industry has seen successful designers within big companies like EA, but now smaller companies are offering some hefty salaries.  Additionally, college degrees aren’t necessarily mandatory for the position, where a strong skill set can easily be enough to qualify a candidate.

It’s great to see a positive article about the gaming industry, after constantly reading about how bad the industry is for the youth of the world.


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About the Author: Jason Leavey

Baltimore, MD
  • When I was in college, my roommate was majoring in video game design… Until the school decided that wasn’t really going anywhere and sort of quietly killed it, leaving him with a handful of unavailable courses that he needed… If only the school realized how sweet it is to be a video game designer…

  • Ha, was the next on the list “comedian”? You know, ’cause they’re both pipe dreams that barely anyone has the tenacity to follow through on and be good at, they both sound cool, and both will leave you dead broke.

  • @Holly how do you end up broke as a comedian? unless you’re wasting all your money on props or buying everyone at your show rounds before you bomb it…

  • A better question is how you end up making any money at all as a comedian. Not all of ’em are Dane Cook. The statistics aren’t really in your favor if you take up comedy.

  • Dane Cook? fail.

  • Jason

    Dane Cook = Unfunny Douchenozzle

  • I, too, dislike Dane Cook.

  • LOL I’m glad we’re all on the same page. Sadly, that tool has millions of dollars for his fuckery.