Nintendo Power reveals Silent Hill “remake”


The cover story of the new Nintendo Power features a brand new not-really-a-remake of Silent Hill for Wii called Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Rather than a straight remake, according to the game’s producer, Tomm Hulett, it’s a “re-imagining” of the first game, with enough changes to make it feel like a whole new game. The basic premise is the same (you play as the same character, with the same goal), but points of the story will change depending on the player’s actions.

The control stick will control Harry, the main character, and the flashlight will be controlled with the pointer. When Harry sees certain things under the light of the flashlight, he’ll respond vocally. There will be no load times, and the Wii remote speaker will be used as a your cell phone. Perhaps the most interesting change is the complete removal of combat. You’ll have no way to defend yourself and will have to run from enemies, making this a true survival horror game.

Keep checking back for more information.


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