Square-Enix trademark could potentially point to localized Final Fantasy IV sequel


A Square-Enix European trademark for “The After Years” has popped up. What does that mean? Well, “The After Years” sounds like a pretty reasonable substitute for the subtitle of Square-Enix’s Japan-only mobile game Final Fantasy IV The After: Return of the Moon. The After is an episodic game for mobile phones that takes place 17 years after the events of Final Fantasy IV.

If this does mean that The After is getting a Western release, it’s not unlikely that it will be released on a Nintendo system. The last two versions of Final Fantasy IV were on the Game Boy Advance and DS, and the DSi will have its own DSiWare service, perfect for episodic games. Of course, it could also be ported to the WiiWare, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade services. It could even be ported to the iPhone. 

Of course, this is all speculation, so don’t take any of it as anything resembling an official announcement.

[UPDATE] A US trademark for “The After Years” has also popped up.


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About the Author: Rhody Tobin

  • guppy06

    S-E releasing this for the DSi would require S-E realizing, after the better part of a decade, that I’m still not interested in changing cell phone providers to play their games.

  • It wouldn’t be the first time. Crystal Defenders and the new Parasite Eve game both originated as mobile phone games but are being ported to consoles/handhelds.

    Besides, you would have to change your cell phone provider to something Japanese to play most of their mobile games. 😛

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