Nintendo of Europe changes logo…just now.

Actually, it probably could have been changed officially back in 2006 without us realizing it, but Nintendo of Europe has set the record straight through a press release: the red logo is no more.

Dear Media Partner,

For several years, a new generation of Wii and Nintendo DS games have adorned themselves with a new logo, in discrete grey.

In various publications the former logo, with red lettering, can still be seen. In the event that you have not already done so, we would like to sincerely ask you to now only use the current, gray Nintendo logo.

Yours sincerely,

The team from Nintendo & Popular PR.

Now sure, we’ve been seeing the grey logo consistently since the launch of the DS Lite, but did you ever think that Nintendo would simply drop the red? What’s next, Mario going grey as well? He’s not Snake, for crying out loud…


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About the Author: Christian Ponte