Why your Wii Remote doesn’t already have a Wii MotionPlus in it

1:1 sword fighting was the kind of thing people hyped themselves up over upon the revelation of the Revolution controller. It wasn’t until later everyone realized how impractical that would be with the current Wii Remote. So why can’t it do that? Well, according to the Reginator, it was just too expensive at the time.

So how are Nintendo going to convince people to spend the money on such a costly accessory? Well, it probably won’t really be all that costly. As Reggie Fils-Aime said in a recent interview:

We were aware of that technology (the gyroscopic chips made by Invensense) at the time we designed the original Wii. But the cost would have been too high for the business model. It would have been unacceptable. By waiting about three years, the costs come down substantially and it becomes a viable product.

So there you go. The reason you haven’t been swinging your Wii Remote around like a Jedi these last few years (unless you have been… in which case, I’m not here to judge). As a side note, feel free to check out the full interview. It’s an interesting read.

Venture Beat
via 1up

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