Some things to know about Proto Man in Mega Man 9

Proto Man became available as downloadable content in Mega Man 9 at noon today. He certainly doesn’t play a lot like his brother. There are a lot of things to consider if you haven’t decided whether you want to spend the points or not..

– Proto Man has a shield he deploys when jumping he can use to block small shots from enemies.
– We knew previously that Proto Man gets knocked back twice as far as Mega Man when he takes damage. What we didn’t know was that he also takes twice as much damage as Mega Man.
– Before Proto Man starts a level, his signature whistle plays.
– Proto Man has a slide menuver.
– Proto Man can charge his shots, though not as much as you might think. The picture above shows a fully charged shot from Proto Man. It seems to be weaker than fully charged shots from Mega Man, but it’s still not bad.
– Proto Man can only fire two shots at once, as opposed to Mega Man’s three shots.
– Proto Man does not have access to Dr. Light’s Lab. That means he has no access to the shop, so don’t expect to be stocking up on energy tanks to make up for taking double damage. Because of this, there are no screws. Maybe enemies drop energy or weapon energy when they would be dropping screws. I did notice I was getting more energy than usual when I was playing as Proto Man earlier.
– Proto Man starts off with the Proto Coil and Proto Jet. (Rush is Mega Man’s pet, after all.)
– Proto Man can’t be used in any of the special modes. He only works in his own Proto Man mode, which is exactly like the standard story mode with the changes listed above.
– Proto Man is totally badass.

Proto Man is available for 200 Wii Points. Also available today is Endless Attack Mode for 300 points. Endless Attack Mode is a level that doesn’t end, for players to test how far they can make it.

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About the Author: Rhody Tobin