Proto Man joins Mega Man 9 via DLC

Gamers now have two options to tackle the latest Mega Man title. Playing through as the blue bomber himself, or for an extra two dollars take Proto Man for a spin. It’s much more than just a palette swap too, as he comes armed with a charge shot, slide, and shield to deflect some shots.

Remember the days when downloadable content for the Wii didn’t exist? Those days are long gone, leaving the door wide open for developers to exclude finished materials and extras and charge you for them later. Maybe it’s a twisted view on the industry, but I always imagine DLC as being developed after the main game is completed. If I didn’t have an unhealthy love a good slide technique I might be able to hold off, but it’s just too much fun!


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About the Author: Pete Betcher

  • 9th_Sage

    Yeah, it does seem like it should have been an unlockable, but I still have to say I want to be able to play as Protoman, thus they leave me with no choice. 😛

  • ^^ What he said. I’ll but Proto Man, but that doesn’t mean I approve of price gouging.

    There are several gameplay modes being released as DLC as well.