Dragonforce opens concert with Donkey Kong

The rock band Dragonforce has become pretty well known to gamers since Through the Fire and the Flames appeared as the final song in Guitar Hero III. The Tanooki’s own Matthew Dominick had one particularly epic, yet well-documented run in with this song not too long ago.

While many gamers have enjoyed their insanely difficult addition to the Guitar Hero library, the actual band members seem to be gamers themselves as the group opened a concert in California today with the theme from Donkey Kong Country. Ryan, one of our Tanooki staff writers was present at the concert, and was treated to a first hand experience of this surprise music selection. This bit of news makes me wonder if the band has ever played their own song on Guitar Hero, and if they enjoyed it as much as Matt did. Hmmm….

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About the Author: Joey Levin

  • WolfeatingRaven

    ya they do that sort of thing, i have seen em a couple of times. They played the street fighter 2 music and a few others i can’t remember, they did the simpsons theme tune too. Its hardly a big surprise considering they got there band name from an old saturn game.

  • Yeah, they have a few music videos where they wind up playing video games and such. I think they’re self admitted geeks.