One cake to rule them all

I’m not sure why video game themed cakes are all the rage right now (besides the fact that they are awesome), but everything from Super Mario Bros. to Zelda to Super Smash Bros. has sprung up as a sugary tribute.

That being said, this latest confectionery contraption, which launched alongside Mario Kart Wii at one lucky couple’s wedding, blows away the competition. Don’t get me wrong, the other cakes are all amazing in their own right, but the level of detail put into this cake is unprecedented. Characters are driving specific karts. Rainbow Road is rainbowed. Peach is even giving Mario a little peck on the nose. More pictures outlining the finer points of this gravity defying work of art after the break.

I promise that I had no intention of making the thumbnails look like a castle. But you have to admit, with a flag pole and some fireworks, that puppy is straight out of world 1-1.


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About the Author: Pete Betcher