Three new Brawl characters accidentally revealed


GameFAQs holds a special place in my heart. Now, I think we all have a reason to love them.

The Super Smash Bros. Brawl trailer posted recently has apparently been edited from its original form by Nintendo. Around the 4:18 mark, the game’s sticker feature is shown off. Two white bars are empty at the bottom, with no apparent reason for being there. Those who saw the trailer right when it first came out might have noticed that it was actually there to show the icons for playable characters that could get stat boosts from any particular sticker.

Before Nintendo edited the video, screen captures were taken by GameFAQs user “Edible” that reveal the inclusion of three more playable characters: Jigglypuff, Ness, and Lucario. You can check out the Ness confirmation after the break.



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About the Author: Christian Ponte

  • Turbo

    I heard about this last night. Considering that it displays all characters who will be affected (by franchise), then I’m guessing Pichu is cut altogether and Lucario is replacing Mewtwo.

  • chopstix182

    You sure it’s ness? Pokemon Trainer has a red hat too…..

  • Pokemon Trainer is clearly in that first picture. The one in the second picture is different, and looks more like Ness.

    You’ll notice that when the Groudon (a Pokemon) sticker is highlighted, the icons say that Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, and Jigglypuff will be affected. All from the Pokemon franchise. When the Claus (Lucas’ twin) sticker is highlighted, Ness and Lucas’ icons are visible.

  • On Pokemon: It looks like there’s extra space at the edge of the Pokemon icons that could fit one more face. Consequently, I wouldn’t necessarily say that Lucario has replaced Mewtwo yet. He may just have been still locked at the time the developers shot this footage.

    On Earthbound: Drat. I was hoping Ness would have been gone, with the two Earthbound alums being Lucas and Kumatora. And I had a long-shot hope that Lucas lost Ness’s baseball moves in order to give Mike Jones from Startropics a moveset.

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  • vgplayer36

    I’ll grant that Lucario and Jigglypuff will be in Brawl, but consider the three characters other than “Ness”. THEY’RE POKEMON! Doesn’t that mean that the power-up is meant for a character that is or has to do with pokemon? Someone like, pokemon trainer for example? They wear similar headgear, which is even more confirmation that Ness is not, in fact, in Brawl. I hate to break it to you, Mother and Earthbound lovers, Lucas won’t be enjoying Ness’s company.

  • Pokemon Trainer is the one in that first screen. Ness joins Lucas’ icon in the second screen. Plus, today’s news confirms Ness. Several times.


    Here (presents vgplayer36 a hat to eat). Enjoy!

  • i saw some still with some secret characters but no jiglypuff
    i know its confirmed, but is jiglypuff NOT the character you get for playing 1 round this time?