Crimson/Onyx DS Lite discontinued- Cobalt Blue coming soon?

cobalt.jpgOh, Nintendo, how I love your eccentric color names for your handhelds and consoles (my favorite is Spice Orange from the golden GameCube days).

It seems that the Crimson/Onyx DS that was originally bundled with Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day this past August has been discontinued. Of course, several of your local stores might have the special edition DS in stock, but you better act fast because once those are gone, it’s sayonara to the dual tone wonder!

All is not lost though, because a Cobalt Blue DS is rumored to ship in early February. Sure, Cobalt Blue might seem similar to the Electric Blue of the DS Phat, but this is Nintendo’s color world. And it’s a world where I am a mere peasant.

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About the Author: Matthew Dominick

  • Hax0rz

    Awesome. It’d be cool if they would release a full red one too. Either way I’ll probably be trading up for this one.