Hand-forged Master Sword slices its way into our heart


A few years ago, Jerry Bennett set out to make the coolest birthday present for his daughter- a replica of the Master Sword. Almost three years and 3 pounds of steel later, the sword is finally completed, but I’m sure the birthday surprise might have been spoiled by now.

I’m certainly no sword enthusiast, so I have no idea what a “marquenched 5160 steel blade” is, but even I can appreciate that Jerry imported the amber Triforce gems from the Baltics:

Total weight, 3 pounds, 5 oz. A little more heavy than I wanted, but reasonable for a “real” sword.

Blade steel, 5160, marquenched.

Cross guard, 7075 T-6 aluminum.

Pommel, 4340H steel

Gems, Amber from the Baltics

The wood in the handle, is from a golden apple tree.

The pommel was taken from an axle of a pro stock dragster.

The 7075 aluminum was left over from my dad’s airplane.

The frankincense is from Yemen. Among the world’s finest, crafted by Carthusian monks. It was also blessed by a Benedictine monk, using the old Roman Rituale.

We’ve seen a few Master Sword replicas in our day, but nothing even comes close to this labor of love. In fact, calling this sword a labor of love is an understatement.

I bet you want this sword, don’t you? For only $1,800 on eBay, your childhood/adult fantasies can come true. However, If you plan on buying this sword, just please, whatever you do, make sure it’s for decorative purposes only!

There is an entire gallery after the break of the sword and the sword making process. While you are off salivating over the sexiest piece of steel ever produced, I’m going to be smashing my Wii Zapper and copy of Link’s Crossbow Training with the most sword-like object in my house- a broomstick.

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About the Author: Matthew Dominick