University of Illinois offers students a Wii bit of fun

This practically just dropped on my desk today. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s student newspaper, the Daily Illini, is running an article today about the SportWell Center now allowing students to play the Wii at no cost. Students with a valid i-card can visit the OASIS in the Illini Union and play the Wii for an hour.

“The Wii was purchased to provide students with an opportunity to be physically active in a nontraditional way,” said SportWell Center coordinator Justine Karduck. “Wii makes it easy for people who do not like going to the gym to work out and allows those who might not normally be active get an intense work out in a way that is comfortable and fun. Trust me, you will get your heart rate up and start sweating while playing it.”

You can see the article scans below. If you’re a student at arguably the best school in the Big Ten and can’t manage to find one of the likely thousands of Wii consoles likely already around campus, you can stop by the Illini Union and get your game on in Wii Sports.

070918illini1.jpg  070918illini2.jpg

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About the Author: Christian Ponte