Nintendo gives a firm “no” in regards to a Wii hard drive


With a good portion of Virtual Console users starting to fill up their Wii’s built-in 512MB of Flash memory and even starting to store SD cards full of downloaded VC games, we expected Nintendo to announce a hard drive solution soon. Now, with the official announcement of WiiWare’s original game content coming next year, one would think a hard drive is now imperative. After all, original new games will likely be much larger than NES games in terms of size.

CVG asked a Nintendo UK correspondent about a hard drive, hoping to at least get a smile or something. Unfortunately, the response was a definitive “No.”

We only hope that employee just didn’t get the memo.


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About the Author: Christian Ponte

  • robertj15

    Those SD cards are pretty pricey, but my built-in memory is already filling up so I think I’m going to open up my wallet and get the 2 gig card.

    Since getting the console — which was less than 2 weeks ago — I’ve purchased Streets of Rage, Super Mario World, TMNT and Donkey Kong Country along with buying Mario Party 8.

    This little sucker is draining my pockets, quickly.

  • Starrynite

    Next gen systems are so ex;ensive 🙁 I have to not buy VC games in order to buy more Wii games.

  • I can’t understand Nintendo’s logic… As much as I’m Nintendo-Obsessed, what were they thinking putting only 512mbs in there to begin with? Sure you can expand it with an SD card, but that’s a huge hassle, not to mention it’s still relatively limiting once we get larger downloadable games. I could understand if, yes, they did have plans for a usb hard drive somewhere along the road, but how could they not have a plan for this?

    I’m crossing my fingers this guy was either ignorant (how can these representatives represent when we usually know more than they do?) or lying.

  • drktrpr1

    I’m kind of dissapointed about the lack of USB support for the Wii. We have no peripherals, and the USB ports are only being used as power sources right now…