I Am Error.

EDIT EDIT: I lost!

EDIT: My lack of Photoshop right now leaves me stranded in the middle of the internet without any means of making a sidebar image for this video (and let me tell you, it sucks to be stranded in the middle of the internet). So, until Photoshop decides to come back to me (hopefully tomorrow), please excuse my subtle bump of this video to the top. Now to await the final word on the competition, which is something I have been quite nervous about. Seriously, ask anybody who has talked to me in the past 2 days. In fact, you can even ask my dreams about this whole Short Cuts contest. I now yearn for the days of dreaming about pineapples and gigantic robot alligators once again.

After 4 straight days of non stop work (it’s true, ask anybody that knows me- I’m legally insane right now), my entry for the Nintendo Short Cuts competition is complete! I am on about 5 hours of sleep in the last 50 hours, so writing any sort of description for this video will be nearly impossible. Now excuse me, there is a UPS store that needs some visiting!


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About the Author: Matthew Dominick

  • Theoris

    Hey (just registered) nice vid, its symbolic of how the Wii controller has (possibly) improved gaming (bettering your chances against the boss). Good stuff!

    Why doesn’t anyone comment round here? I imagine you have plenty of readers.

  • robertj15

    Really good video dude. I don’t have any sound at work on my computer, but when I get home I’ll be sure to watch it again for the full effect.

    Great job.

  • drktrpr1

    Hahaha awesome! Good job covering most major Nintendo franchises as well.

  • Awesome movie. What editing software do you use?

  • matthew

    Thanks for the praise everyone!

    I normally use Final Cut Pro- but I was forced to use Premiere Pro for this project after my Powerbook exploded. The special effects were all done in After Effects.

  • I’M SHOWING THIS TO EVERYONE, even my Gram Gram! It’s just THAT GOOD!~

  • Hooya


  • hiyoshi

    Very cool video. Nice work.

  • Excellent work! I broke out with SIMCLIS while viewing.

  • drktrpr1

    Watching the end of this video makes me wonder why Jedi’s never had wrist straps for their lightsabers.

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  • neoerik

    This is the best Nintendo Short Cut I have seen, and I think I’ve seen most of the ones that are online. NICE work!

  • Flute hacks!

  • DrDew

    Awesome beyond awesome. I especially chuckled at Mario being “spotted” at the end.

    Who’s there?!?
    ……just a box.

  • I just realized that I don’t get it 😛

  • Starrynite

    I cant see how i missed when this was originally posted. It is quite awesome, I love the Pokemon effects, they looked superior. Youre good.

  • panthershockey12

    is it hard to do all of that with the program you have? I’ve never used one but if you can do that, then I want one. (for Example, how do you get link, bowser and other character in the video and to do what you want?)

  • matthew


    This is quite an elaborate answer- so I’m going to add it to the next edition of the mailbag.

    Also, if anybody has ANY questions about the movie, I would be more than happy to answer them. In fact, I insist that you guys send me questions about the movie to the mailbag, so I can answer them in detail!

  • ClarkStrife86

    What’s awesome about rewatching this video now, is that I had no idea that Matthew was already working on the sequel to Cloverfield. Bowser is gonna be a bad ass monster to go up against Clover, Mr. Grumpy Pants, or whatever actually name the beast has. Epicness to the max!

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