Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection activity update


For the week ending May 27 (yesterday), online activity for Nintendo WFC games was as follows:

  1. Pok̩mon Diamond Р1,460,474 connections
  2. Pok̩mon Pearl Р1,007,074 connections
  3. Mario Strikers Charged Football – 399,569 connections
  4. Animal Crossing: Wild World – 360,855 connections
  5. Mario Kart DS – 294,993 connections
  6. Metroid Prime Hunters – 201,480 connections
  7. Jump! Ultimate Stars – 128,872 connections
  8. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker – 108,299 connections
  9. Tetris DS – 71,347 connections
  10. Pok̩mon Battle Revolution Р51,781 connections

Keep in mind, however, that while new, Mario Strikers Charged Football is only online in one continent – Europe – as it won’t hit Australia for nearly another two weeks, and North America for over two months. That, and it only came out on Friday. So after only three days in one continent, it managed about 3rd place for the week and took a significant fraction of all Nintendo WFC game connections for the week. Not bad against some games that were obviously available the whole week and on two or more continents.

Looks like you Europeans have Mario Strikers fever over there. Don’t worry, I’ll be joining you in a couple months.


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About the Author: Christian Ponte