Nintendo 64 DD development kit up for auction

Got a couple thousand bucks? Might want to get yourself one of these babies.


One eBay auction is listing a supposedly legally obtained development kit for the Nintendo 64 DD add-on only commercially launched in Japan. The 64DD was supposedly to be a huge deal for the console, expanding the possibilities beyond anything Nintendo 64 gamers had seen. Unfortunately, by the time it was finally ready, all the major games they had planned for it had already been moved over to the N64 itself, the Nintendo 64 was far behind the PlayStation in terms of sales, and so the 64DD was too expensive and had little software support (sound familiar?).

I guess if you’re the kind who likes to program stuff and test it out for fun, this might be nice to have. Unfortunately, there’s no way to verify it works. If it doesn’t, it still makes for a nice collector’s item. In the auction, you will receive a Japanese N64 debug unit with a dome expansion cover, an N64DD expansion unit (dev unit), a recordable N64DD disk, a Flash cartridge, and a N64DD development manual. Hit the link below to check it out.

eBay Auction

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About the Author: Christian Ponte