Food for Thought: Nintendo Cake Pans!

Summer is almost here, and you know what that means–FAMILY REUNIONS!! That’s right, warm weather gives us the perfect opportunity to go out to the lake, beach, or what-have-you with close family members, cousins, aunts you forgot you had…but it also means lots and lots of food. Can we say buffet of jello salads and cold chicken?? Anyway, if you really want to wow your fam this year, feast your eyes upon some Nintendo-themed cake pans. Bring a chocolate Mario or Pikachu cake to your next reunion or barbeque–and you know, I bet you could even turn them into Jell-o molds! Whatever your plan is, I’m sure you can find some special event where you can use these!

Mario Cake Pan

Pikachu Cake Pan

Super Mario Cake Pan
Pikachu Cake Pan

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About the Author: Becky Mueller