Top 25 Pokémon Countdown: #25-#21


In celebration of April 22nd’s release of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl for the Nintendo DS, we’ve decided to give you our picks for the top 25 Pokémon of all-time. We’ve gone through the first three generations’ entire list of 386 different Pokémon, and we’ll be listing out a few of our picks each day over the course of the week until we reach our undisputed #1 pick for our favorite Pokémon of all-time on Saturday evening!

For the first day of this week-long article, we have entries #25 through #21. Which Pokémon just made our big list? Continue reading to find out as we get this Pokémon party underway!

#25 – Mawile

Who’s That Pokémon?
Known as the Deceiver Pokémon, the 2-foot-tall Mawile is easily underestimated by opposing Pokémon. It’s cute face and gestures should easily get any Pokémon to drop its guard, 070415mawile.jpgallowing Mawile to then turn around and use its giant, jaw-like horns to clamp down on the opponent. Mawile is an exclusively Steel-type Pokémon, meaning its skin is made of metal despite its otherwise fragile look. Numbered #303, Mawile is common to the Ruby version of the game yet rare in Emerald and non-existant in the others.

Why did we pick it?
Mawile is one of the few (if not only) small, humanoid, steel Pokémon in the series thus far. Its base stats aren’t all that great, but as you’ll see in this list, stats alone aren’t going to help a Pokémon make it onto this list. Consider also Mawile’s unique character design, rarity in the games, and the fact that it’s a master of deception and you’ll see you’ve got one cool Pokémon on your team that can pack a punch (or take a bite).

#24 – Abra

Who’s That Pokémon?
070415abra.jpgOne of the original Psychic Pokémon, many people will remember Abra as being difficult to catch. The little guy sleeps for about eighteen hours a day, using most of this time to rest and recharge its psychic powers. On the off-chance you find an Abra that isn’t sleeping, it will teleport away from your battle before you get wear it down to catch it. Even when it is sleeping, it can teleport randomly through the day about once an hour. Once a player paralyzes, freezes, or hypnotizes Abra on the first turn however, Abra can be caught and may eventually evolve into the powerful Alakazam.

Why did we pick it?
Abra reminds me of one of those adorable babies that sleep for most of the day. Then again, most babies don’t attack you while sleeping. Besides, most people are defenseless against playing a game of “hard to get,” and Abra plays quite an impressive one.

#23 – Togepi

Who’s That Pokémon?
Togepi is known as the Spike Ball Pokémon, which makes sense – it’s ball shaped with spikes on its head. It was one of the few “baby Pokémon” originally introduced in the second generation of Pokémon games: Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. 070415togepi.jpgTogepi doesn’t learn any hard-hitting attacks until it has reached level 41, though the Metronome attack it learns at level 6 can potentially due damage. Instead, Togepi seems to exist simply to build up happiness inside its shell and then to share this happiness with others.

Why did we pick it?
It’s not so hard to figure out why we all love Togepi. Togepi was the first of the new Pokémon to be revealed to the world through the anime when Ash found the unhatched egg. Upon hatching, Togepi quickly took a liking to Misty, who then carried Togepi around everywhere. When Togepi wasn’t hanging out in Misty’s arms, it would easily become distracted and wander off. Wanting to keep Togepi safe, Pikachu would often follow Togepi to watch after him. In the process, however, Togepi would unknowingly walk into dangerous situations, often walking through them with ease, as Pikachu would be the one to stress out and end up in humorously unfortunate scenarios. Then of course, there are the simple facts that Togepi’s smile and voice were the cutest things ever.

#22 – Chansey

Who’s That Pokémon?
The Egg Pokémon, Chansey, is rare and is said to bring happiness to anyone who catches one. Chansey lay “nutritionally excellent” eggs several times a day, which happen to be so delicious that anyone will quickly devour one, regardless of their appetite. 070415chansey.jpgIn the anime series, Chansey are often seen assisting in hospitals, serving as assistants to the lovely Nurse Joy. In the games, Chansey started out as having no evolved form. Since then, it has been discovered to evolve into Blissey when its happiness is at its greatest, and the new Diamond & Pearl games reveal Chansey’s baby pre-evolution, Happiny.

Why did we pick it?
Chansey was an oddball Pokémon in the original lot of 150, and still stands out today. Maybe it’s the hardiness that comes with consistently happy mood, but Chansey had by far the highest max HP in the original games. Of course, to “balance” things out, all of Chansey’s other stats were crap, so she best served to take the worst of the damage and force opponents to use up their attack PP in battle, before being switched out to allow a teammate to finish off the opposing Pokémon.

#21 – Exeggutor

Who’s That Pokémon?
Exeggutor was essentially a giant, walking palm tree from the original games with Eggs instead of coconuts. In the video 070415exeggutor.jpggames, Exeggutor was only evolved from Exeggcute after being exposed to a leaf stone. Doing so, however, led to the Pokémon’s learning of a couple of final and useful moves. While Exeggutor’s abilities have seemingly been leveled out in recent generations of the Pokémon games, it was one of the better Pokémon in the original games due to its type advantage over more Pokémon than it was weak against and the fact that it had significant stats to take advantage of its Grass and Psychic types.

Why did we pick it?
What isn’t there to love about Exeggutor- everybody’s favorite walking palm tree, egg headed, constantly stoned looking Pokémon? The answer is absolutely nothing! Toss in the fact that Exeggutor is the first ever palm tree with psychic abilities and you have yourself an extremely worthy candidate for one of the greatest Pokémon of all time.

That rounds out our bottom five picks for our Top 25 Pokémon of All-Time. Check back tomorrow evening for the next part, as we count down each day until we reach our #1 favorite Pokémon ever on the eve before Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are released here in North America!

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