Donkey Kong window art: Post-It Note style!

Ah, college and Post-It Notes. Some kids over at an engineering building somewhere (where apparently they’re backed 100% on projects like this…) used a bunch of Post-It Notes to create some window art. Now, I’ve seen things like this around my own campus – but I’ve seen a yellow smiley face at most. Take a look at the pics below, which show this team putting together scenes from the original Donkey Kong game:

070410dk1.jpg 070410dk2.jpg

070410dk3.jpg 070410dk4.jpg


I’d do something like this… I have the Post-It Notes and I’ve got the determination to do a good job on whatever I set out to do. Unfortunately, my dorm has small windows all around. Probably why I’ve only seen the Post-It Note art on the windows of dorms like PAR. Hit the link below for more pics!

LiveJournal Link

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About the Author: Christian Ponte