Wii channel cats have names!


In an interview with the Wii’s Photo Channel developers, the elusive cats’ names were revealed!

Ito: By the way, the cats in the Photo Channel and News Channel are brothers and sisters.

Sakaino: The cat in the Photo Channel is Rassie, the younger sister. Because in Japanese, she always ends her sentences with “~rashiiyo” (meaning “they say” or “I heard”).

Ito: The News Channel one is Runda, taken from the way he ends his sentences with “~runda” (a boyish remark placed at the end of a sentence to emphasize its context).

Matsushita: Is that official?

Ito: I guess it’s official now since we said it here! (laughs)

There’s much more information in the interview session, of course. Be sure to head on over to the Wii site for the rest!

via Infendo

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About the Author: Christian Ponte