Rumor: External hard drive for the Wii?


Those of you who have been spending a lot of money on VC games, only to find you’ve filled up your 512MB of space and can’t play VC games off an SD card…you’re pissed, right? I mean, especially with many, many Nintendo 64 games still to be released to the Virtual Console, coupled with the Sega Saturn VC rumors we’ve been hearing, it would make sense that Nintendo would consider the possibility the many Wii owners are nearing or have hit the storage limit on their favorite new consoles.

Game Labo, a Japanese magazine, is reporting a rumor that a Nintendo meeting was held recently to discuss the possibility and fate of an external hard drive for the Wii. Of the rumors reported, it was placed on in the “rather reliable” category. If it does indeed happen, I wouldn’t be surprised. Nintendo knows these games take up space, and while they gave us 512MB to be cost effective, they know that won’t be enough for the smaller number of oldskool gamers out there.

My only worry is that the external hard drive won’t stylistically match my Wii. Who besides me has the Wii LAN Adaptor? Thing sticks out like a sore thumb.

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About the Author: Christian Ponte