Fake: Super Smash Bros. Brawl character select screens

These screen shots are totally photoshopped, but they are still pretty amusing. I especially would be interested in seeing Tom Nook take on Solid Snake. Oh, and anybody against Tingle. Perhaps the entire cast of characters?

Check out more screens!

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About the Author: Matthew Dominick

  • Fetch Fitzwilliam

    Yeah, it’s fake, but both Sami and Vaati are amazing picks. Vaati. I just love that guy.

  • TPMailman

    Yeah it’s fake. I highly doubt that these characters would come out for Brawl, but I like how the characters are displayed on the bottom. Very nice indeed. I love Vaati as well. At least…I love his human form in Minish Cap, he looks so awesome.

    On the side note, good to know someone else comments here. x] One step closer.

  • TPMailman

    Also I don’t like the format of the first pic, but I love the format of the second, but the second one lacks some characters I want. =/

  • matthew

    Yeah I am TOTALLY psyched about getting more comments. It’s definitely been a slow process, but we are gaining more steam as the weeks fly by. My biggest wish for this site is to have more of a community feel with people commenting on posts, sending mailbag questions, and submitting weird stuff. I guess I’m just that type of person…

    As for the screens: there are far too many ways to tell that it’s fake. It’s well done, but the artistic style is different for every character’s image! Oh, and some of the images are low-res. Even if it’s all fake, it’s still fun to look at as sort of a “what if?”

  • matthew

    I can understand the format of the second one, since SO many characters were included. It gives off that Marvel vs Capcom 2 vibe, which I so so so love.

    Wow, I really miss that game. Best game on the dreamcast.

    …and now I really miss the dreamcast.

  • YAY LYN!!!!! she deserves a spot!

  • Chippy2000

    …Thought so. I guess pathetic characters look wierd wearing gay clouths (sorry, can’t spell that). And the cool ones look cool wearing cool clouths.

  • irulehyrule

    midna isnt on here…… wait……WHAT THE HECK?? MIDNA ISNT ON HERE??

  • Chriifo

    this one next to Sothe is not Ilyana, it’s Micaiah…

  • entarotassadar

    What about Zant? He might make a good assist trophy.

  • starfoxfan

    Can you be krystal? What’s the name of that game?