Why Super Nintendos lose their color

Here’s a VERY informative article explaining why exactly your Super Nintendo or even your old NES may be changing colors, what can do about it (if anything), and how to prevent it. Maybe I just liked it because I’m the kind of person who likes to browse Wikipedia or HowStuffWorks just to learn stuff. Or maybe it’s actually interesting. Either way, I’m suggesting you check it out.

1. Keep your most prized collector pieces out of rooms with fluorescent lighting.
2. Keep your units away from windows and sunlight because, like the fluorescent lighting, the UV exposure will drastically hasten their discoloration. Even indirect sunlight can do damage over time.
3. Avoid placing your unit next to a heat source such as a radiator, air duct, or fireplace. Or in the fire.
4. Do not keep your machines in a room where people smoke tobacco (wacky or otherwise).
5. Apply a coat of UV protectant.
6. Try not to breathe too heavily upon your console’s exterior.
Ok — this one’s a joke.
7. For the ultimate in protection, seal your unit in a lead-lined, temperature-controlled, evacuated vault away from any radiation, visible or otherwise. But hey, what fun is that?

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