Dragons are out, car theft is in: GTA V overtakes Skyrim as most popular non-Valve game on Steam

2653430-rsg_gtav_ng_screenshot_097After a long and hard-earned stint as the top non-Valve produced game on Steam, the reign of Skyrim has come to an end. Within 24 hours of its release, Grand Theft Auto 5 dethroned the fifth Elder Scrolls game as the third most played game on Steam with 300,000 concurrent players, coming in just behind Valve’s own Counter Strike: Global Offensive at 450,000, and DOTA 2 at 777,000.

To some, it is seen as a passing of a torch. Skyrim was instantly recognized as one of the greatest multiplatform games of its generation, and Grand Theft Auto 5′s remake for newer generation consoles, as well as a PC release, is viewed similarly by many. Whether it will go on to have as long a life as Skyrim itself, or if it will receive anywhere near as much modding potential, remains to be seen. Perhaps it will go on to climb even higher on the Steam ladder.

That is, of course, presuming its climb isn’t hampered somehow… perhaps by some kind of proverbial injury to the knee.


New amiibo CPSIAs added to Nintendo website: Ike, Marth, and more


Nintendo has updated their CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) Certificates of Compliance listing today with six amiibo production runs dated April 10. From the Super Smash Bros. line of amiibo comes more Meta Knight, Ike, Sonic, and Marth, while stores will also see more Yoshi and Luigi amiibo from the Super Mario Bros. line.

While we have been reporting the imminent restock of Marth and many amiibo fans are waiting on pre-orders for Ike amiibo made months ago, the re-run of the Best Buy-exclusive Meta Knight amiibo and Sonic amiibo raises a lot of questions. The Meta Knight amiibo is compatible with Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, but why is King Dedede’s absent from the list? It also works with the game and is just as difficult to find. The Sonic figure, which IS on the list, is considered uncommon but can still be found in many stores. Will there be an amiibo-compatible Sonic game we have not heard about yet?

Time will (hopefully) give us the answers to many of these questions. Just remember that Summer’s coming, amiibo lovers, and it looks like it’s time to put on the sunscreen and start hunting!


New Destiny DLC announced for mid-May release date

Destiny_House_of_Wolves_69927With the success of Destiny’s “The Dark Below” DLC slowly fading from the forefront of our minds, Bungie has finally unveiled more information on Destiny’s “House of Wolves,” its second DLC pack.  The release of an ominous trailer heavily featuring the Fallen and the Awoken gives us further insight into “House of Wolves,” which has been announced to go live on May 19 of this year.

Given that the first raid was pitting Guardians against the Vex and the second pit us against the Hive, it’s only fitting that the Fallen have their time in the spotlight, as “House of Wolves” will bring us a new strike mission and a chunk of new story missions. Another addition within “House of Wolves” will be The Prison of Elders battle arena game mode, which is described as a “new cooperative end game activity focused on variety, replayability, and skill.” The use of the term “battle arena” brings to mind a horde-style holdout game type, which should bring an interesting and fresh feel to Destiny.

While the lack of any raid content has many fans taken aback, Bungie promises that a third raid will be available sometime later this year.

The “House of Wolves” trailer can be viewed after the break.

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Reminder: Qualifying Club Nintendo members get their Mewtwo DLC codes for Smash Bros. today

As per the Nintendo Direct earlier this month, Club Nintendo members who registered both Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U by the March 31st deadline will be receiving two free download codes later today to unlock Mewtwo as a playable character in the games. A software update for both versions of the game will undoubtedly be released today to add compatibility for DLC (including playable characters such as Mewtwo).

If you didn’t register both versions of the game by March 31st, you’ll be able to purchase Mewtwo starting April 28th for just $3.99 for either the 3DS version or the Wii U version. If you have both games, you’ll be able to get Mewtwo on both versions for a combined price of just $4.99.

All Club Nintendo Mewtwo codes will expire after September 30, 2015.

Playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3D on your New Nintendo 3DS XL? You can safely sell these items


Many of you New Nintendo 3DS XL owners are now fighting your way across Bionis (or perhaps even Mechonis by this point) in Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, which launched on Friday. Regardless of whether this your first play-through or your tenth, one frustrating aspect of the game is always wondering which of the many items you’ve accumulated are safe to sell and which should be kept for quests.

GameFAQs user ShardZero has compiled a list of all “Materials” you might have sitting in your inventory that you can safely sell as soon as you obtain them, clearing up inventory space and lining your wallet in the process. For your convenience, we’ve included this list after the break for you to keep handy as you play through the game.

Keep in mind that items not on this list are required for quests at some point in the game, but can be sold once you’ve fulfilled said quests.

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Target posts product listings for upcoming Smash Bros. and Splatoon amiibo


Still looking for Lucina & Robin amiibo? With GameStop and Best Buy sold out of the figures, many fans have been watching other retailers like a hawk, and Target is no exception.

Listings have gone up on Target.com for the Lucina, Robin, Charizard, Pac-Man, and Wario amiibo for Super Smash Bros., along with the various Splatoon amiibo that have been announced. All figures will launch on May 29th in-store and online, but unlike the Target-exclusive Jigglypuff amiibo, they haven’t been available for pre-order… yet.

Links to all individual listings for upcoming amiibo can be found after the break. While it’s unknown if Target will actually make these available for online pre-order remains to be seen, but it wouldn’t hurt to keep tabs on the figures.


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Charizard, Pac-Man, Wario, Marth, Meta Knight, Shulk, Ike, etc. amiibo available via Play-Asia


While re-run pre-orders for the Lucina, Robin, and Ness amiibo figures remain sold out from yesterday, some of “Wave 4” are once again available. In addition, several older figures also have re-runs available for pre-order as well. If you missed out on any of these figures and don’t mind Japanese packaging, you can order them from the links below:

Note that these are pre-orders for second production runs and aren’t expected to ship until July. Still, it’s a nice way to ensure you get the figures you want without having to break the bank to afford them from secondhand sellers.


Nintendo Download for April 9, 2015: Xenoblade, Etrian Mystery Dungeon, Pokémon, and more!


This week’s additions to and sales on the Nintendo eShop includes tomorrow’s release of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D exclusively for the New Nintendo 3DS XL. Can’t wait for tomorrow? You can also pick up Etrian Mystery Dungeon and/or Pokémon Rumble World for the 3DS, Affordable Space Adventures for the Wii U, and DS classics like WarioWare: Touched! and Yoshi Touch & Go on the Wii U Virtual Console.

There are a number of sales going on as well, including the “Super Spring Sale” from now to April 20th. You can take advantage of discounts on games like Captain Toad: Treasure TrackerMario Kart 7, Pikmin 3, Tomodachi Life, and more. Check past the break for all of this week’s releases, deals, themes, and tournaments!

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Riot Games announces venues for the League of Legends World Championship Series


Want to watch one of the biggest eSports tournaments live? Well, if you live in Europe, you’re in luck! Riot Games recently announced the venues for the League of Legends World Championship series, and it looks like the teams will battle it out in four different countries: France, Belgium, Germany, and the U.K. Check out the full list of cities, dates, and venues below the cut.

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Whenever Amazon’s “Wave 4” amiibo pre-orders go up, quickly add them all to your cart with these links


Amazon US will (probably) soon make the Lucina, Robin, Charizard, Pac-Man, Wario, and Splatoon amiibo figures available for pre-order. For your convenience, you can quickly and simultaneously add all or some of them to your Amazon shopping carts with the links below.

Note that if they’re not yet available, the function won’t work. Once they’re available, you can quickly toss them all into your cart with any of the links above. Of course, you can always just buy individual figures instead with these links: LucinaRobinCharizardPac-ManWarioInkling Boy, & Inkling Girl.

I’ll add custom groupings after the break. Hopefully you’ll manage to snag all the amiibo figures you’re looking for! Let us know how you fare in the comments!

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